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This page is a permanent home for listing all winners of MySQL Community, Partner and Application awards. It includes both the 2005-2009 awards chosen by MySQL AB marketing, as well as the 2010- awards chosen by a community panel.

Trivia: Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP and inventor of the SQL LIMIT clause is a winner of this award.

Community Contributor Application Corporate Contributor
2014 Colin Charles
Frédéric Descamps
Geoffrey Anderson
Random Query Generator
2013 Jeremy Cole
Shane Bester
Ronald Bradford
MySQL Sandbox
Storage Engine of The Year:
NDB (MySQL Cluster)
2012 Baron Schwartz
Sheeri Kabral, Sarah Novotny, Gerardo Narvaja
James Day
Xtrabackup Manager
O'Reilly Media
Monty Program
Oracle's MySQL Community team
2011 Yasufumi Kinoshita
Giuseppe Maxia
Tungsten Replicator
2010 Mark Callaghan
Kai 'Oswald' Seidler
Daniel Nichter
Twitter Rackspace
Community Contributor Application Partner
2009 Marc Delisle
Ronald Bradford
Shlomi Noach
2008 Baron Schwartz
Diego Medina
Sheeri Kritzer Kabal
Virgin Mobile
2007 Martin Friebe
Paul McCullagh
Sheeri Kritzer
YouTube (owned by Google)
Amp'd Mobile
Carahsoft Technology Corp.
Red Hat
2006 Giuseppe Maxia
Roland Bouman
Markus Popp
Rasmus Lerdorf
Nokia (GSM network)
InnoDB (owned by Oracle)
2005 - CNET Networks
Embarcadero Technologies
GoldenGate Software
Quest Software

In addition a special "Acquirer of the Year" award, consisting of a very large bottle of Absolut Vodka, was given out in 2008 to Sun / Jonathan Schwartz and in 2009 to Oracle / Ken Jacobs (that had acquired Sun only 24 hours earlier).

The winners have been selected by MySQL AB / Sun Microsystems personnel until 2009, and by an independent community panel after that. For obvious reasons the community panel does not award a "Partner of the Year" but instead a "Corporate Contributor" category was created to award entities that sponsor or contribute to the MySQL community in significant ways. In a sense, they are "partners" of the MySQL community?

In 2013 the community panel broke from the established pattern and awarded a "Storage Engine of the Year" goblet to NDB (aka MySQL Cluster). However, in 2014 this new category was not present again, making it - so far - a one time exception.

The original MySQL AB awards were glass globes with a dolphin engraving:

Since the community panel took over in 2010, the awards became pewter goblets:

Original announcements

2014: all

2013: all

2012: all

2011: all

2010: all

2009: community, app, partner

2008: community, app, partner

2007: all

2006: community, app, partner

2005: app, partner

Even if this is posted in my blog, I intend to maintain this page also as new winners are selected in future years.

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