Slides from Failover or not Failover, that is the question

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Below are the slides from my last talk at this Percona Live Worldwide MySQL Conference. The idea for this talk was proposed by my co-presenter Massimo Brignoli and goes back to a debate on this topic that went through the MySQL blogosphere during last Autumn - which in itself was sparked by an outstanding retrospective published about a MySQL failure at Github.

When I joined MySQL AB a bit more than 5 years ago Massimo was my mentor. He taught me about MySQL Cluster and eventually other technologies, and he taught me that in Southern Europe it is considered rude to go to the customer's office 9 am in the morning. It was a lot of fun and a bit sentimental that my last talk in the MySQL space was a joint presentation with him. Massimo has defended automated failover while I have argued against it.

My next, and for now last, talk on MySQL High Availability will take place in Oscon (Portland) in July. It is the same tutorial I have presented here on Monday

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