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New impress.js features 2017

It's been almost a year since my last update on features I've added to the impress.js presentation framework. Already a year ago I had pretty much merged or implemented all of the open backlog for the project. But at the end of the post I still listed two popular requests I hadn't implemented: Support sub-steps and 2D navigation.

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Unveiling Impressionist: A 3D visual editor for creating impress.js presentations

It's been a while since the last time I blogged about impress.js. That's because after I completed adding a batch of long outstanding feature requests and pull requests, I felt somewhat content with the status of my impress.js fork.

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A MEAN Hackathon

I'm preparing to do some simple MongoDB hackathons in Scandinavia, and because I don't want to forget how to do all the steps, I actually wrote down an example exercise.

This is a simple and fun exercise just to get some data into MongoDB and then get it out again. We're going to use some awesome JavaScript tools for the out part: Node.js and Crest for a simple HTTP API, and Angular.js to draw the pretty pictures. So this is not just a MongoDB hackathon but more like a fullstack JavaScript or MEAN hackathon. (Strictly speaking there's no Express.js, so maybe this is a NMCA hackathon?)

Install MongoDB

The usual apt, yum and brew methods will work for this tutorial.

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