Helsinki MySQL User Group, Tue Nov 1 @ 18:00

Suomeksi: MySQL käyttäjätapaaminen Helsingissä 1. marraskuuta. Klikkaa allaolevaa linkkiä ilmoittautuaksesi, siellä saat myös lisätietoa suomeksi.

Finally it's here! So many of you have always asked about it. Markus and other Elisa guys. Osma and Ilkka at Habbo Hotel. And others... MySQL was born in Helsinki, InnoDB was born in Helsinki, a lesser known database / also MySQL engine called Solid was born in Helsinki, and 2 great replication companies, Continuent with multiple generations of clustering for MySQL, and Codership with Galera, are Helsinki companies. And amidst this embarrassment of riches, what did we not have?

A MySQL User Group.

A month ago I met with the MySQL experts at Solinor, and again this topic came up. It was time to do something. Lucky for us, Petri Koistinen, a well known figure in FLUG and other open source meetups in Helsinki, promised to take care of it. So we are all invited to

Time : Tuesday, November 1 · 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Location : Solinor Oy / Kaupintie 5, 6. krs sauna

Seppo Jaakola from Codership will talk a little about their upcoming Galera 1.0 release.

Please go to this Facebook calendar event for more info and to register:

Thanks to Solinor for sponsoring the sauna and some snack and a beer!

(Update: Original plan was to have a BYOB event, but apparently Solinor is covering both drinks and food - blog edited accordingly.)

Hehe, so we need to clarify this for our international audience: Yes, there is a sauna. What did you expect, this is the MySQL UG of Helsinki, Finland :-)

So the program is short talk about Galera, some Q&A, then beer and snack and sauna. This is quite common as Finnish user groups go, for instance FLUG frequently meets in the sauna at the Novell offices.

And yes, Solinor, Novell and a lot of other offices in Finland have a sauna. Usually it is adjacent to the meeting room, as traditionally sauna and important decisions go together in Finnish business culture.

If you don't want to go to the sauna, you are still welcome. Not everyone does it, you will have company by the people who just come there for the talk and discussion.

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