Translated: Tumannaya Feya blogs from Maidan to her mother in law in Moscow

As someone who worked for 2 decades with Internet technologies, and as an active blogger and microblogger myself, one of the most inspiring and powerful experiences have been to observe how blogs and tweets have the power of transforming dictatorships into democracies.

In that spirit, I'm publishing below a translation of a blog post (original title: В ПОИСКАХ ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЙ - Фашисты на Майдане) by the user tummanaya_feya (which may or may not be her real name, as I don't know her) of LiveJournal. It appears she is a young Russian living in Kiev, writing to her mother in law, who lives in Moscow.

Translation is by one Elena Byelusova who is a friend of a friend on Facebook, whom I never met before today. She kindly provided the translation only for me, one random person on the internet, when I complained that what turns out to be sarcasm in the text didn't translate well with Google Translate. The translation is of course published with her permission.

Btw, the Facebook friend connecting me to Elena is Oleksiy Pavlenko. He was one of my best hires ever when I managed a team of Symbian programmers in 2006 a brilliant and ambitious young man, who spotted memory leaks in the team's code during the first hour on the job. First time we met was when he was interviewing for me. He came to the job interview wearing an orange tie.


The other day my mother in law phoned me. From Moscow suburbs. She begged me do not go anywhere: because here are fascists everywhere, kill Russians.

I get lost in thoughts. Indeed, Russian’s were beaten. But, only in the news in Russian Federation. Yesterday in Russian press was published photo of the raped girl: her naked corpse was lying on the unknown damp earth (it said the, she is lying on Maidan), everybody bypasses her – maybe because she is Russian. (Sarcasm)

So, let’s in this my post will be only photos of Maidan and fascists and nationalists-“benderovetses”. You at least will learn how they look like. And how exactly they manifest their fascism.

If you asked me about how it was today on the Maidan, I would answer: unbearably hard. (photo 2)

Maybe, because on the square instead from predicted in the news fright and curses towards “damned moskals” (moskal is humbling word means Russians) was only grief and sadness. Endless, like billow of flowers flowing to Maidan. (photo 3)

Be here physically hurts. I am not used to so many sincerely crying people. (photo 4)

People, who buried their relatives, friends, and their cozy comfortable world which first time was touched with so unfamiliar word “occupation”. (photo 5)

Did this woman also “killed Russians”? (Woman pictured on standing on the ground photo was killed in the protests). (photo 6)

On stage were Ukrainians, Russian, Poles, and Georgians. From everywhere sounded words of support. (photo 7)

Some of the fascists stood in silence with placards. (On the placards is written from left to the right: Don’t allow Putin turn Crimea to Abkhazia. Putin go home). (photo 8)

Some just circled in the crowd. (photo 9)

Some of them were just children. (photo 11)

By the way, today were especially numerous children-fascists. (photo 12)

This is boy completely in nationalistic way (benderovets way) watched candles didn’t fade near to killed man’s helmets. (photo 13)

This warrior proudly poked up to the camera with his shield and repeated “Glory to the Heroes!” (photo 14)

People were coming...
Is she fascist? Is she nationalist? (photo 15)

Traitor? (photo 16)

Killer of the Berkut officers, which were so faithful to Ukraine and its ideals, that in one day those officers have changed Ukrainians’ passports to Russians without doubts? (photo 17)

Who are you going to liberate here, gentlemen invaders? Her? (photo 19)

Invaders, be sure: no one will meet you with flowers here. (photo 20)

Hack to death this on the nose, write on the forehead, put this into your deadly zombied minds: If this country lies down, it will be only our bones on your way. Our country won’t lie under you. (photo 21)

We don’t’ need Goebbels -propaganda to know what for and whom for we will be standing. (photo 22)

We will be standing for us, our relatives and those killed guys. (photo 23)

For our fascist’s, fuck, conscience. (photo 24)

I am, particularly, if needed – for this city. (photo 25)

City, that any war wouldn't be able to disfigure. (photo 26)

City that 3 infinitely long months lives in constant anticipation of attack. (photo 27)

But still can't learn surrender. (photo 28)

And, I tell you honestly, unlikely to learn.
Climb into the history textbook: during last 2 thousand years were a lot of invasions in our country. (photo 29)

Have you already decided against whom you are going to defend us Russians? From those in suspicious hats? (photo 30)

Or maybe from those who take part in the unauthorized demonstration (on Russian language also)? (photo 31)

And most importantly, think, for whose glory will you do this?
Think hard. (photo 32)

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