About me

I'm an open source and database guy. Database companies I've worked at include MySQLMariaDBGalera Cluster and MongoDB. Currently I work as VP of Engineering at Datastax, which means not just Cassandra, but also TinkerpopGremlinGraphQLSpark and Lucene.

As a hobby project I maintain a Prezi-like presentation tool impress.js and Impressionist.

My first open source contributions were to Drupal. Somewhere along the road I also patched a Linux webcam driver, making me a proper Fullstack Developer!

This website runs on Drupal and was originally launched for the publication of my book "Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source". The blog continued covering open source communities and business models. One widely cited "hit" piece has been "How to grow your open source project 10x and revenues 5x".

I live in Finland and have worked from home office ever since I joined MySQL in 2007. In 2019 I gave a guest lecture to students at the Microverse program on my experiences working remotely and working in open source. We live in an old post-WW2 house (aka "Rintamamiestalo"). My Nokia colleague Ilja Summala has a great talk about how these houses embody the open source "talko" culture of Finland.

Henrik Ingo
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