MariaDB / Monty Program: Volunteers needed to present at OpenSQL Camp

Open SQL Camp will be organized in St Augustin, Germany on the weekend of 22-23 August. Unfortunately, at Monty Program, it looks like we have already scheduled a company meeting at the same time and all of us will be in Spain instead. Consequently, there are now no MariaDB talks proposed for the conference, which is a shame.

If you feel that you are a member of the MariaDB community and you could present something (even on a high level, like "you can download it here") about MariaDB, please contact kurt [at] (Kurt von Finck). Please remember to describe how you are involved with MariaDB. We will help submit the proposal and with the content, but you have to be comfortable presenting it on your own.

Note that Call for Papers deadline is Sunday, July 19th, so if you're interested, act quickly.

Monty Program is willing to sponsor your travel costs (but we will give preference to volunteers who live close to the event rather than the other side of the globe).

I hope you'll find one to help out. If I had time to go to the event, I had offered to do a comparison talk. It would certainly be of interest for many MySQL users to learn about the differences between classic MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle.

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