MySQL training in Helsinki, August

For Finnish or Northern European readers of this blog, I just wanted to advertise that there is a great MySQL training coming up in Helsinki on the 3rd week of August. The trainer will be Oli Sennhauser from Switzerland. Oli is a former collague of mine from MySQL AB and is now an independent MySQL consultant - one of the best in Europe! The curriculum is targeted at developers (more dev than ops) that are already familiar with using MySQL, and will help you get a deeper understanding of InnoDB internals, high availability, caching and other advanced topics.

You can check it out or register at the Citrus website.

I'm not affiliated with Citrus or Oli. They did take my input for course contents though. If you're a MySQL geek from outside of Helsinki and will attend the course, drop me an email or tweet or something and we could meet one evening.

Shit, I'd gladly come over if the event was in any closer city: I'm not gonna spend 9 hours total in a bus to get to a shitty city just for -a- training session. The trip alone costs under 100 euros plus everything else.

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