Oupen Såårs translation, Finnish national broadcasting company YLE releases Windows-only archives

FLUG member Simon Rönnqvist appropriately pointed out, that now that the book has been translated into English, the next logical step would be to make a translation into the native tongue of Linus, Monty, Mickos and parctically everyone that matters in the world of Open Source. (Me and Simon included, of course!)

For my part, I'm done with translations for now, but I do like the idea. Feel free to help translate Open Life into Swedish or any other language. You can do it either at home, or together, which is more fun: https://openlife.cc/translations


In honour of it's 80 year birthday, Finnish national broadcasting company YLE has published online an archive of video and audio clips of important historical events. The material is not Creative Commons licensed or anything(like when the BBC did it), but even if it's just "look but don't touch" it is kind of cool.

Except for one little detail: The archive is only accessible on Windows computers using Windows Media Player. Linux, Mac, Symbian and other operating systems are not included in this public service provided with taxpayers money.

Incidentally, the current CEO of YLE, is the former CEO of Microsoft Finland. I'm sure this has nothing to do with it though. Honest.

There is a petition (in Finnish) you can sign.

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