#OSCon #MariaDB lightning talk slides

Here are the slides for the "State of MariaDB" lightning talk I did at OSCon. I hope I can write on these topics more in the future, but browsing through these should already give you a glimpse of what is going on - all the while we are working on getting mariadb.com online, not to mention a first GA release. Kurt and Monty did a full presentation on MariaDB, Kurt will post their slides on his blog.

OSCon was a really energizing week - you could say a success for us. The blogosphere took note with blogs noting that Monty Program is alive and MariaDB is there too.

In addition we saw great interest in The Open Database Alliance. We of course reached out to the PostgreSQL guys who were well represented at OSCon, but also found two relatively new and definitively cool Open Source databases: Blackray and Neo4j, both of whom might be interested. Beyond that, interest from ISVs and service companies is strong and looks like it will be a really stron Alliance.

This is what is so exciting when you focus on openness in whatever you do. Of course from a very self centered perspective, the Alliance will help MariaDB be successful. But thinking about it now, I can already feel that the Alliance will become something revolutionary in the database industry, which may end up doing lots of exciting things that have nothing much to do with MariaDB.

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