Footnotes 6.x-2.5 (for Drupal) released. Looking forward to Drupal 7 with my code + Helsinki release party

I just released version 2.5 of my Drupal module: Footnotes. Over 1100 sites now run this module that I originally created as a simple tool to allow my own book to have footnotes in the text.

This version adds some bug fixes and a new feature: support for the Views API allows you to get the body part and the footnotes part separately. All of these were by AlexisWilke, thanks!

With the issue queue emptied (kind of) I'm now looking forward to releasing a Drupal 7 version of Footnotes soonish.

But more than that I'm also looking forward to the Drupal 7 release itself! The URL filter in Drupal 7 was almost completely rewritten by me. I actually did that already 3½ years ago to fix a series of bugs that were particularly annoying for Footnotes users, but caused problems for others too. It took surprisingly long to convince anyone to commit the patch, but eventually it got there - allowing the maintainer to close about half of the open bugs for URL filter in one go!

Now that it's there I can't help but feel a little proud of having code in Drupal core! Since for most of my professional career I haven't actually produced that much code (I've been a trainer, consultant, test manager, manager, sales engineer... but rarely an actual developer) this is an important moment for me. I have of course released snippets of open source code here and there, but having a stake in the core of one of the "big nine" open source projects feels good, this code is about to run on 1-3% of all websites in the world. ... while waiting for Dries to post detailed results of his recent web-crawler study, we only know that Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress are the 3 most popular CMS of all and together account for 10% of the entire web! All 3 are open source of course :-)

There will be a Drupal 7 release party in Helsinki (and a few hundred other places), I plan to be there. Hope to see you too!

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