My own little open source project: Released Footnotes 2.2 over the weekend

It seems last week was a popular weekend for programming hobby projects, as it wasn't only me who was having fun with some recreative programming. Yesterday I published a new version of my Footnotes module for Drupal.

For publishing my book on, I had to develop a simple Drupal module that would allow me to easily use footnotes, since my book has many of them. When done, I published this approximately 1000 lines of code as a proper Drupal module. And what do you know, it got a few users, they sent some enhancements and now it is quite a nice small module that I still maintain. Even if my official jobs have tended to be less and less technical, about once a year I devote some time to make small enhancements. (Apart from some CSS related fixes, my module has bee surprisingly bug free for a long time now.)

Even if maintaining footnotes was mainly something I've done as a hobby, like solving crosswords or something, I knew from the feature requests it must have some users. Last year I actually met one professional Drupal coder who uses Footnotes. When creating the newest release, I realised actually provides module usage statistics. It turns out Footnotes is used on more than 900 sites over the internet! Not that bad :-) I can't wait to get over a thousand!

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