Slides from Percona Live UK posted

Percona Live UK took place this week. It was the second year in a row and once again a great conference. Thank you Percona for bringing the show to Europe, it means a lot for the European MySQL community - many people who don't visit the Santa Clara conference were present in London. It's kind of funny, I even meet more Finnish MySQL users in London than I do at home!

I gave 2 talks. Slides are now posted on Slideshare:

(OpenOffice format)

This conference was really all about Galera. Frederic's tutorial and Seppo's talk had over 50 attendees (Kenny claims he counted 70). I don't know how many were at my talk but it looked like slightly less. Both Seppo and myself were constantly approached by people who had questions related to their upcoming Galera evaluation or migration. Galera was said by Peter Zaitsev to be the most innovative thing to happen in MySQL HA since 2004, and was even praised by Robert Hodges in his keynote. (We have a little club of pat-each-other-on-the-back for replication geeks.)

The Xtrabackup Manager talk went well too. I usually never do live demos at conferences, because the network usually is unreliable and that's a problem when speaking about clusters. But for this talk I did a demo and it all worked out fine. (Thanks to Giuseppe for the inspiration and emphasizing the value of preparing and practicing in advance.) Xtrabackup Manager is in a usable beta state now, and I wish one of the support vendors would start officially supporting it. It is the only open source backup management solution for xtrabackup, and would deserve more widespread use than it has.

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