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First published 2005 in Finnish as Avoin Elämä: Näin toimii Open Source
This first English language edition published 2006 by
English translation: Sara Torvalds
Editor, English edition: Helen Wire
(cc) 2006 Henrik Ingo

With the exception of the Epilogue, and the cover image, the contents of this book have been released into the public domain. You are therefore free to copy and distribute it either wholly or partially as is or in an altered form.
This book can be read or copied from the Internet address:

Cover image: Man meets penguin
(cc) 2005 Henrik Ingo
The cover image may be copied and reproduced according to the terms set out in the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence at You are therefore free to copy and distribute it either wholly or partially as is or in an altered form provided that attributions are made to all original copyright holders and that these same terms are applied to your published derivative work. The cover image and each of the original photographic images included in the composition can be downloaded in electronic form from the Internet address: Some parts of the composition can be copied on more liberal terms than the whole.
The cover image is composed of the following photographic images:
Man in tails (cc) 2004 Osmo Penna
Penguin (cc) 2004 Adrian Pingstone (
Grapes (cc) 2004 Kees de Vos (
Garden (cc) 2004 Bernie Goldbach (

Epilogue © 2004 Linus Torvalds
The Linus Torvalds text in the Epilogue was originally published (in English) in October 2004, as part of the Linux documentation. Copying and distribution is permitted according to the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL), for which see This whole book is available in electronic form ("source code') at the Internet address:
The Epilogue itself can also be found in the Linux source code files: Documentation/ManagementStyle.

ISBN 978-1-84728-611-6
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Printed by Ingram, US/UK

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