Ugly green

Uh oh. Finalizing always takes time. I thought once Sara had the book translated, the editor would just need a couple of days to finish it. Wrong. Who would've guessed, an editor actually does some real work on the book! Helen was a very good editor. Usually I just get angry when an editor points out all unclear or outright bad parts of my masterpiece, but with Helen we got along quite nicely.

Then you think your site is ready, but still spend several evenings putting everything together. BTW, is this GoDaddy server slow or what? Or is it just Drupal? I wonder what will happen when I actually get some visitors. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences using GoDaddy? I think the reason search doesn't work on this site is because Drupal can't create a MySQL temporary table. Or maybe there is a place I could enable that. Need to check...

So anyway, if you have found this site, we are not officially open yet. But very soon will be. yippie! The / Ingram approval process will still take weeks before the book is available on Amazon and other bookstores, but I can't wait any longer, so I'll just open with the version. Just as well, as I get a better royalty from books that are purchased directly from Lulu print on demand.

I'll write more about my Lulu experience later. Now I need to finish this slow site.

This green color is really difficult to get right. I was so pleased with it during development of the site, until today I checked it out at my work computer. Yuck! :-P I guess that's the reason this shade of green isn't used on websites, it really varies alot between monitors. When it looks good on one, it's terrible on 2 others. I tried to tone it down today, but will probably have to fine tune it some more before I'm satisfied.

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