Nils Torvalds is for Free Software, Jyrki Kasvi's Klingon campaign on CNN.

Finnish Linux Users Group has posted the results of their poll with election candidates. A certain Nils Torvalds, running for the Swedish Peoples Party1 was among the 10% who answered. I'll translate this just for your Saturday amusement...

169, Nils Torvalds (Ruotsalainen Kansanpuolue)

1. question: Software Patents should be accepted: Completely disagree.
Comment: I'm distinctively of the opinion that software patents are harmful (and stupid)

2. question: In the future Free Software will be more important than commercial software2 : Completely agree
Comment: Long time ago I claimed that Free Software will become the foundation of the modern civil society. In the US there is a very interesting debate going on about the "commons", public space.

3. question: Free Software will have an increasing role in Finnish government: Completely agree
Comment: Already in the elections 12 years ago I tried to lobby for Linux. I called Paavo Lipponen's assistant, who didn't really understand me at all - probably didn't forward my suggestion.

4. question: Finland should make a decision to move to open file formats during the next election term: Completely agree

5. question: The role of Free Software to society and me personally is important: Completely agree
Comment: Although my oldest child thinks I'm rather helpless...


Member of Parliament Jyrki Kasvi got some prime time publicity on CNN's website, that reports on the fact that his election pages are translated into Klingon among other languages. Too bad for Jyrki that internationals and extra-terrestials can't vote in the election :-)

  • 1This small party represents mainly the Swedish speaking minority in Finland. There is no connection to Sweden-the-country-next-to-us, just so you know.
  • 2Yes, this was FLUG's wording...

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