O'Reilly picks up the MySQL user conference

It has been a tough Autumn for all of us so it is a pleasure to finally blog on some good news! O'Reilly has finally announced the next MySQL User Conference.

It has been a tough Autumn for all of us1 so it is a pleasure to finally blog on some good news! O'Reilly has finally announced the next MySQL User Conference.

If you ever wondered why we've been so concerned about MySQL's future lately, I hope this will explain some of it. In Aug-Sep we started asking why there was no Call for Papers for next years conference. We quickly got it confirmed Sun had decided that it was no longer interested in organizing MySQL's main annual user and marketing event and wouldn't renew the contract with co-organizer O'Reilly. So we pinged the only company we know of that could quickly pick up the baton, O'Reilly, about it. Now O'Reilly has finally announced they will organize it themselves. (You will be able to propose talks and buy conference passes soon.)

Monty Program has decided to be a Platinum Sponsor of the event. While we have no resources to actually co-organize this with O'Reilly like MySQL Ab used to do, I'm proud to say we can in a few days announce what small but crucial contribution we will be making to the conference. This is a good model for how we may need to carry on more generally too: Please don't look to us to replace MySQL Ab, but yes, we can all try to do our part. On that regard, I tip my hat for Percona being prepared to first pick this up with their own conference, then yielding to and joining O'Reilly.

Coincidentally, if you previously didn't have an opinion on Oracle buying up MySQL, or didn't email the EU about your concerns, you still have 24 hours to do so. Monty's blog has the email address that will be pleased to listen to your concerns. You can do this whether you are European or not. 2

Our thanks go to the O'Reilly crew and Tim O'Reilly personally for helping us keep alive the database we love! And I hope to see all of you there in April! (I hope Sun employees will be admitted, would love to meet f2f again!)

  • 1. really sorry for my own past lapse too...
  • 2. I should note that before the merger is approved, Sun must act fully independently of Oracle. In other words, we shouldn't assume canceling the conference was somehow directed by Oracle.

Why wouldn't Sun employees be admitted? O'Reilly wouldn't put limitations on who can attend, that's just bad business.

With Sun bleeding money because of the uncertainty about its future (because of all the FUD that's being spread around), they probably can't afford to put on a conference.

Although I would be surprised if they abandoned the conference completely. I'd bet that Sun will be a major sponsor of the event.

Hi Sheeri

Sun employees are of course welcome to the conference, I was more thinking of their employer allowing them to participate, including paying for their tickets, travel and lodging.

Btw, apparently organizing the user conference used to generate a small profit for MySQL/Sun, so saving money is a poor reason to have canceled it. (Having seen from the inside how Sun is managed, it wouldn't be completely impossible that was exactly what happened... but without knowing more, I wouldn't take that for an explanation.) And even if it wasn't profitable, your main marketing event isn't exactly the right thing to start saving from anyway.

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