Towards middle-east culture

So now that we have said goodbye to the old crew, I thought it might be appropriate to make some forward looking statements, as publicly traded companies say...

Kaj's talk at FOSDEM seems to be a good summary of the situation: We'll probably become a bit more integrated into Sun, there'll probably be less Swedish drinking songs1 , and other than that we don't know yet.

One observation one could make is that instead of Scandinavian drinking songs, there might be some Turkish or Persian influnce taking over. In honour of that, today's post is a favorite internet viral video from these regions:

(The main theme for the Swedish subtitles is "The hat is yours", and of course the point is the subtitles match the song in the sense that it starts to sound like a real Swedish song. I have no idea about the lyrics in the original language, in fact I'd be thrilled to even know if this is Turkish, Persian or just gibberish.)

  • 1Mårten finished his last all hands staff meeting (call) as they apparently have started once upon a time, singing Helan går. (I hope I don't get into trouble now, contents of the staff meetings are of course company confidential...)

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