Wishing good luck to Avoin Yritys (Open Company)

I didn't intend this to become a trilogy, but today I will wish good luck to a newly started company by a friend of mine from the university: Avoin Yritys literally means "Open Company" in Finnish and they have committed to making their company as open and transparent as possible in any way. I confirmed with Antti that it is an independently developed idea, although the concept is very much similar to an idea from the Open Life book. Oh, and see also the post on Lastwear for yet another independent incarnation of the same idea.

Just goes to show that when the time is right, an idea will appear independently in many places. Good luck guys, will be interesting to see how it goes!

(Avoin Yritys will initially do business around Kassi, a service to empower local communities. It has been developed at the Aalto University and piloted at its campus.)

Thanks for the wishes! And also for pointing to that chapter in your book. Very interesting (and also familiar sounding) stuff.. ;) And good insights about the tenders, I haven't yet given a thought on those kind of situations. And yes, as I mentioned, I haven't (yet) read through your book, but it looks like I definitely should. :)

It's good to see that there are people in different places and situations (also in clothing business) who try to change the familiar ways of doing things to a more open direction.

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