Slides for Fixed in Drizzle talk, Percona Live UK 2011

Here are the slides to my second talk at last week's Percona Live event in London:

This was one of 2 Drizzle talks at the conference. I originally agreed to do it as there was a risk that nobody else from the Drizzle contributors would be there. Eventually Stewart was also there to give another Drizzle talk about Drizzle 7.1. Also this talk is originally created by Stewart, I only made 3 small additions to these slides.

I had about 15-20 people listening in on the talk, less than the HA talk where the room was packed. But the good thing was they were very interested in Drizzle and I expect at least a few of them to become active as both Drizzle users and contributors!

Even if I have heard this talk myself before, when Stewart gave it, giving it myself I truly came to realize the amount of small changes Drizzle has done to get rid of all kinds of historical MySQL legacy. Pretty much all of these are really small changes, like a frm file that is gone (you never really use them anyway) or some sql_mode or character set that you cannot choose anymore (makes life simpler!). So small things, and overall the experience of using Drizzle is not that different from using MySQL. But even if they are small things, there are a lot of them! 30 minutes was nowhere near enough to go through it all, and I completely expected that.

Slide 24 is about the fact that Drizzle has no SQL modes and you are using something that is essentially equal to MySQL STRICT mode. It's one word on one slide really. Ronald Bradford has a great talk called MySQL idiosyncracies that bite. This one slide in my Drizzle talk pretty much encapsulates all of the issues Ronald goes through in his 60 minute talk. That gives you some perspective into how many small things that have been fixed in Drizzle.

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