Call for Nominations for 2012 MySQL Community Awards

An annual tradition of the upcoming MySQL user conference is the awards ceremony. Last year we introduced the opportunity for everyone in the community to nominate candidates and this was a big success. Now is the time to start nominating deserving winners for the awards for 2012, in the 3 categories named below.

The winners will be selected by a community panel (see below) and winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 11th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, as part of the evening Community Reception.


Please send in your suggestions for deserving winners
to: mysql.awards [at]
no later than: 23:59 Sunday February 29th (Pacific time)

Include a short explanation of why you think nominee deserves the award (don't assume the members of the panel know what you know). Also disclose your relationship with the nominee. (Such as: I've used X for 5 years / I'm a customer of X / X is my customer / X is my employer / etc)

The Categories

You can nominate as many candidates as you want in the following categories. In fact the panel welcomes as many suggestions as you can think of and we'd especially like to have lots of ideas for the second and third categories. There could be great MySQL users and sponsors out there that we are not aware of just by reading Planet MySQL - if you know of someone who deserves to be highlighted, please let us know!

MySQL Community Awards: Community Contributor of they year 2012

This is a person that has done valuable contributions to the MySQL ecosystem. Often this means either contributing code or insight, but there is no formal definition excluding other contributions.

In this and the other categories anyone active in "the MySQL ecosystem" is eligible. This includes certainly all the various forks, but also adjacent software that is an integral part of the community. (As an example, previous winners have included contributors to XAMPP and Maatkit.)

MySQL Community Awards: Application of the year 2012

This award is given typically to an application that uses MySQL, but could also be a useful utility or other "associated" software. "Application" naturally counts websites too.

In fact the Alexa Top 10 websites is a who's who of winners of this award: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr/Yahoo, Youtube/Google and Wikipedia have all received the award. On the other hand, last year the panel chose to award Tungsten Replicator and Xtrabackup - both utilities used to enhance MySQL itself.

But note that for websites and applications we don't always know whether they use MySQL, you need to tell us!

MySQL Community Awards: Corporate Contributor of the year 2011

This award is given to a company, organization or other non-person that has made valuable contributions to the MySQL ecosystem. This could be by employing developers, donating hardware, cash or something else, basically anything that you think is helpful.

For historical context, there used to be a "Partner of the Year" award handed out to official MySQL AB partners. As a community panel, we naturally cannot hand out such an award, rather this category is intended as a replacement: to award "partners" of the community.

Rackspace, Percona and DeNA are winners of this category in its current form.

Previous years winners

For your convenience, you can browse through previous years winners from these links:

2011: all

2010: all

2009: community, app, partner

2008: community, app, partner

2007: all

2006: community, app, partner

2005: app, partner

The Panel

The winners will be selected by a panel consisting of winners of the Community Contributor awards 2011 and 2010 (Yasufumi Kinoshita, Giuseppe Maxia, Mark Callaghan, Kai Seidler, Daniel Nichter), augmented with the co-chairs of this year's user conference (Sarah Novotny and Brian Aker). Henrik Ingo and Shlomi Noach are acting as non-voting secretaries in charge of the voting process.

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