Waiting to launch

Finally! We are ready to launch. After spending 5 evenings copypasting and adding <em></em> tags around italicised words, the book is also now available in a browsable Drupal book format.

Now I'll just have to wait for the proof read copy from Lulu.com, which should arrive on Monday. The I'll let people know about this. So far I have managed to be

I already got one proof read copy last Monday, but noticed some mistakes I've made so I needed to start the process over. Frustrating, but what can you do. Even after me and my professional and paid for editor both spent a week finalising the manuscript and layout, neither of us noticed that 2 pages that should have been right hand pages were actually left hand. Of course when you hold the book in your hand you don't understand how you were so blind, but it is hard to spot those in a PDF.

To make matters worse, I already printed 70 copies in a local print shop. Oh well, when I'm famous those will become collectors items. 70 copies with two pages less (200) than in the official version (202) ...

It's been interesting to work with Lulu.com and their print on demand system. I'll write a separate blog entry about it some day.

Tomorrow there is a seminar in the Helsinki University in honour of Linux's 15 year birthday. Happy birthday teenager!

I expect to see many friends there, and it'll also be the first time I hear Jon 'maddog' Hall speaking. Actually, I should take a book with me and give it to him.

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