Open Database Alliance countdown

Just a short heads up on what is going on with the Open Database Alliance. As you might remember, it was announced by Monty and Peter in May. During July and August we have been working out the plans of many details, how to get everything really started, elect a Board and what it will be doing. At the same time we have kept in touch with dozens of companies who are eager to join!

We are now in the final stages of the first stage of the setup process. Wait for more announcements and activity in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what was going on with this project. Please allow me to raise a word of criticism:

...we have been working out the plans of many details, how to get it started, elect a Board and what it will be doing.

So where has all this activity taken place? The Mailing List has been awfully quiet about these topics. This does not match my definition of "Open"...

Hi Lenz

The process so far has been off the mailing list, yes. It has been more on the level of Monty talking with Peter Zaitsev and Josh Berkus and some other databases. And a lot of paperwork that no mailing list will help with. The next phase is what you are interested in, and this blog is supposed to be a teaser for that.

However, remember that this will be a membership association. The openness of any discussion is mostly towards the companies and organizations that want to join, and currently instructs such people to contact (which many have done and they are kept in the loop).


yes there is a mailing list and if you look for it, it should be very easy to find :-)

Hi Henrik,

The next phase is what you are interested in, and this blog is supposed to be a teaser for that.

Stage 2 of the ODBA was announced today. Again, there was not a single post on said mailing list since this blog post. Where did all that "frantic activity" happen that the announcement is referring to?

I'm not complaining, just wondering about the purpose of this mailing list, which is stated as "Discussion about Open Database Alliance, its rules and purpose" on the subscription page. If the ODBA is a closed, "members only" thing, why bother maintaining a public list at all?

Hi Lenz

Sorry for slow response, I went on a totally offline vacation right when you posted this.

The "frantic activity" was the kind that involves review of some legal documents, new materials for the website, etc... There is actually nothing new that would have been mailing list worthy between now and then. It is a lot of (paper)work, but very little to discuss.

You are somewhat right though. To date 99% who has expressed interest in the ODBA has done so by contacting our Ethan for a phone call, rather than discussing anything on the mailing list. It seems for business people it is the preferred form of communication.

Anyway, today I posted another blog just to give more info on ODBA. With the updated www pages there should now be quite a lot of info available. Whether someone wants to discuss it on the mailing list is of course up to the people with questions :-) If you ask, I will make sure to answer!

At some point we might also organize some discussion on the mailing list just for discussion's sake. Some of the topics like "what should ODBA focus on in 2010" could be good for that.

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