MySQL learning resources

There are a few interesting learning resources recently created by activists in the MySQL community. I just wanted to link to them to spread the word. They are free and if you've been looking for a way to learn more about MySQL, you should have a look at these.

MySQL Marinate

This is something I haven't really seen done before (for MySQL): a virtual self study group. It is based on the idea of everyone reading the same book, and I assume Sheeri will then facilitate some commentary on what your read. Sheeri mentioned this in a blog post earlier, but yesterday I went to check the signup page and wow - there are already 117 (or 76, depending on whether you look to the left or to the right) students registered!

Sheeri is of course well known (and awarded :-) for her work on the Oursql podcast, now up to 120 episodes! The energy this lady has to educate people on using MySQL is simply amazing.


You may have noticed these French gentlemen Cedric and Maxime popping up here and there at conferences, twitter and the MySQL Plus blog. For 2012 they wanted to do something for the MySQL Community, and the result is MyXplain. Again this is something we have never seen before, it is an interactive guide to understanding MySQL EXPLAIN, SHOW PROCESSLIST and SHOW SLAVE STATUS output. Check it out, it's really cool and user friendly!

I also like with MyXplain how they are embracing the entire MySQL community. From each infobox there are links to relevant parts of MySQL manual, but also Percona and MariaDB documentation as needed. And it doesn't stop there, they also have a nice collection of links to conference slides and blogs! I can already see this site having great potential to become a central information hub for finding great MySQL related information.

I just wanted to wish good luck to both of these wonderful projects, and if you want to learn about MySQL in fun way, check them out!

Thanx Henrik!

I will be facilitating. There are discussion boards already set up for everyone to ask questions and help each other (and I'm watching the boards too!) and I will be setting up some IRC "office hours" too if people want to ask questions privately.

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