3 Istanbul videos summarizing everything you need to know of MySQL and MariaDB development status

Monty with a bellydancer in Istanbul 2010
At the MariaDB developer meeting in Istanbul, we didn't yet tackle the logistics of filming and streaming the talks given, so if you weren't there, you have to be content with the blogs and slides published. I did however take the following 3 videos and now that I'm outside of Turkey's Internet firewall, I published them on YouTube. They are not technical at first sight, but if you think about it, they illustrate and summarize perfectly the current status of MySQL/MariaDB community development.

Here we see that Mark Callaghan and Domas Mituzas work very well together, and thus the Facebook team is very effective in improving MySQL performance. Is this a spinlock they are working on?

Mark's work(out) is still focused on My(SQL), while Monty is going in a new direction (with MariaDB).

Whether you prefer to work with MySQL, MariaDB or another fork or Postgres, at least working with Monty we will always have the most fun!

Heh, it is amusing to know that those outdoor community exercise equipments also exist in Turkey!

When I went back to China a few years back, I noticed them in my parents' community, which I had never seen during my days. I've seen people put them into good use, mostly old people doing their routine morning exercise. It's great seeing them in Istanbul!

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